Passionate about protecting the quality and safety of the food we consume.  Trace the origins of your Onuku Premium Manuka Honey and check its authenticity.

Onuku Limited utilizes the Origins product authentication system which you to access product and provenance information specific to each batch of Manuka Honey. This information can be accessed through the embedded NFC tag or GS1 compliant 2D datamatrix code on the product’s label. Each code and tag is individually registered to Onuku Limited and is part of a multi-tier authentication and anti-counterfeiting system.

Step 1.  Smart Device Requirements

If you have an NFC enabled phone, ensure this functionality is switched on. To do this, access your phones settings and go to connection settings where wifi and Bluetooth functions are stored and switch the NFC function on. For a full list of NFC enabled phones, click here

If your phone is not NFC enabled such as iPhones, you will need to download a barcode reader. We recommend you download the free app “I-nigma” which is available free from Google Play, the Apple App store and Windows App store.

Android 6.0 OS
Android 7.0 OS

Step 2. Scanning the Product

If your device has NFC, simply unlock it and hold your device against the jar as stated on the label. This will open a web page holding information on that particular product.

If you are using the barcode reader, scan the square code and open your browser if prompted. This will open the same page.

Please note:

  • You must have wifi or mobile internet access to utilize this functionality.
  • The code is NOT a QR code so you must have a reader that is capable of reading barcodes.

Download the Barcode Reader App

iTunes App Store

Windows App Store

Google Play Store


The information contained in these profiles is supplied by Onuku Limited and is not verified by Origins Software.  Accordingly, the responsibility for the content and accuracy of the content of information in product batch profiles rest with those third parties.  Origins Software gives no warranty in respect of any third party information (including as to accuracy, currency or completeness) and excludes to the extent permitted by law any liability in relation to such information.